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Through the Ages - Mii

Wind that scatters around me, you take my pieces and wisk them away. What a mess you make. Poor lonely rock, stable and steady, you want all the answers but you don't know all the questions. I can't live the way you do, I cant always take your advice. I hope that you'll learn to forgive me as we all learn day by day. I think that you are selfish in the most unselfish way. You think of yourself as you help others along the way.

The Girl had stumbled in the woods, falling towards the ground when a gust of wind pushed her in the opposite direction. In that gust was someone else, Mii the butterfly, who the Girl had known as a caterpillar, "Waa Waa" Mii cried. "This gust is so strong, I will have to do my best to get through it." The Girl plucked Mii out of the gust and helped her find her way back to her home. But Mii would not stay there.
Mii was gracious and thanked the Girl. They became close friends once again, and soon Mii was telling the girl all her troubles. Mii had grown a beautiful Butterfly, but the Girl felt she still had growing to do. Mii had quite the lot of troubles and the Girl wanted only to help. But the Girl could only do so much and one day, had a trouble of her own. She had lost her heart, it had fallen out when she had wanted so badly to be at the top of a tree, that she had ripped herself apart to get there, only to realize that there were many much taller and grander trees that she may never be able to climb. As she fell back into herself, she found her heart was gone, and it left her feeling so empty. Mii listened to her plight, but did not have comforting words for her. Mii, you see had fluttered to the top of, and fallen from, high trees too, and could offer no help. The Girl became upset with Mii, and soon was less eager to be helpful. Mii also chastised the Girl about how the Girl was trying to help, saying that it was not helpful at all. They grew apart once more. Frustrated, hurt, and saddened, the Girl questioned her desire to help. Perhaps she wanted to help to help mearly to feel like she was doing something grand, healing a friend.
Coming to terms with these facts, she picked herself up again and continued on her way, wiser to what she learned about Butterfly's and more importantly, herself.


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Mar. 27th, 2008 02:58 am (UTC)
This is a really nice story. i like your writing a lot. especially the first part? it is a poem?
Mar. 27th, 2008 07:41 am (UTC)
Thank You! Its kinda like a poetic diary, I actually wrote this while in my car after dealing with a friend. Its a great outlet to write in the 3rd person and describe everything how you feel it, not necessarily how it is. I am glad you liked it! Maybe I'll do more.
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