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23 on the 23rd!

So wow, Had the best Birthday ever!
Got to spend the night with 2 of my oldest friends, an old fashioned sleep over! They bought me dinner at Marie Callanders and then we stayed up way too late giggling over NOTHING! Then Rachel took me out to breakfast at Mimi's cafe! where i proceeded to drop my poached egg right on my lap!!! WEE! Luckily it did not even TOUCH my new white shirt though!!!
And then Rachel and I went to the Fullerton Diversity festival and i got to see everyone from Lamda and it was uber happy, and everyone who wished me a happy birthday just made it all the more special, i felt so loved!

I got a cupcake for shakespheres birthday there too! and managed to get frosting all over the front of myself...right after i had changed my eggy pants too. But that was ok, i really dont need frosting calories, cause later i got a cake from Shananananananananaaaa! It was SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I got an ass cake! ha ha ha
She made it herself, and it said googergiger on it like that episode of Mission Hill. So i didnt need that cup cake......I got an ass cake
I hung out with Lauren too, and her art has been getting so good! I am really impressed! Went to Camelot and then went out to eat with my sister and my mom! Got a cadilac margarita! And it was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! In fact its still good, and thats how you can tell its good!
Thanks everyone who made my birthday special by saying happy birthday, texting me calling me, jumping up and down and hugging me!!! Making me ass cakes! You all make it wonderful! Even with the Earthquakes! This was an awesome golden birthday!


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Apr. 24th, 2009 06:23 am (UTC)
Love you Jess! I'm glad you're birthday was fun and special, you deserve it ♥ !!
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