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Through the Ages

The Girl sat beneath the safe comfort of the Tree of Ages; her home for as long as she could remember. She always sat 2 feet from the root on her left and about 24 inches from the root on her right. It was in that place that she knew from experience would give her just enough shade during the heat of mid day, and then she would enjoy approximately 1 hour of direct sunlight before the sun dipped out of sight behind the farthest away mountain. She knew everything about that spot, she knew every weed, every neighboring bush, and everything about the creatures that lived in them. There were 2 centipedes that lived in the nearest bush, and two raccoons that currently had a nest in the bush next to that one, and directly beneath them lived a tiny mouse exactly a foot and a half underground.
She may have been content there all her life, had the tree permitted, but as it was a tree of ages it was bound to change. Soon she found that the root on her right was no longer where it used to be, and the root on her left was shrinking away. The two raccoons had moved on first, and a spider began to build her web in their noisy absence. She began by moving a few feet this way and a few inches that way, and then one day she stood. No longer was she restricted to what she used to see, now she could see well beyond that, and she noticed a group of bunnies playing beyond the bush on her left. It intrigued her, and scared her at the same time. She wanted to play with them, but she was afraid to leave everything she knew behind.
It was a Tuesday when she finally got up the courage to leave her tree and approach the rabbits. They accepted and befriended her almost instantly! It seemed that they too had skittishly left their safe warm burrows and were just as scared as she was. Everyday it became easier and easier to leave her tree to play with the rabbits, but she would always return to its safety at the end of the day. And then along came Ebony.



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